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Shearling, new quad and Kipling...

Emma Heseltine - 04 November 2012

Some of our new shearlings have decided to escape and reclassify themselves. They have jumped out of the field with all the other ewes and the tups and have got into the field with the lambs and cull ewes. Come on girls, you wouldn’t want to be in that field if you knew what they were destined for. Are our boys that bad? Perhaps they need to do some more wooing.

I’m conquering my mistrust/fear of Chester the pony. He spectacularly broke my little pinkie earlier in the year and as it still pains me every day – I have not yet forgiven him. But I need to be able to lead him out of the stable to his field and back again in the winter if I’m at Wallace field doing the feeding on my own. And he does want to be in the field. I have a little chat with him and although I don’t promise to be his friend I will try not to be his enemy if he promises not to a) bite me or b) break any more of my bones. I hope we have an agreement.

As I may have mentioned we had our quad bike stolen. Today the new one arrives and it is shiny. Alright it’s not brand new, but its new to us and looks pretty swish. I’m sure we will have it covered in mud in no time. I have a bit of a test drive to clear up some wet hay. It’s a smooth little machine, and it’s got some oomph to it too. One of the features it has, which I never knew I needed, is heated hand grips. Variable heated hand grips, in case it’s really cold or just a little chilly. Amazing.

We have had a call about Wasi and her calf Kipling. They are at Crosby and John who lives there and keeps an eye on them for us says Kipling has red feet. Sure enough when we get there she has little red feet. The weather has been so bad recently and the land at Crosby is pretty wet in normal circumstances, we think constantly standing in mud and water has made her feet sore. We decide to take her back to Houghton where it’s marginally drier. When they are back at Houghton we get them in the little shed and then shoo Wasi out whilst we have a look at Kipling’s feet. She gives us a bit of a run around; it doesn’t seem to be affecting her ability to run about. I hang on to her whilst Susan puts some waterproof and soothing cream on her feet, its getting dark at this point which makes life difficult, but we get plenty on Kipling and some on me. Hopefully this will help her feet get better.

Emma completed a degree in Creative Imaging at Huddersfield University before working for a photography studio as an editor. Taking a break from the office world she worked in outdoor education for several years, climbing, abseiling, shooting, trampolining and even life-guarding with children of all ages. When Emma found out about the apprenticeship scheme with the Soil Association it seemed the perfect chance to do something worthwhile and fulfilling. After much searching and badgering farms in the North of England she found a position with Hadrian Organics and started in July 2011. So far it is living up to her expectations, every day is a new challenge and every day is different.

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