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Kathie Auton - 18 July 2013

You know that moment when you, as a kiddie food blogger and passionate supporter of good food for children, hear your 5 year old tell the nation that their favourite restaurant in Burger King*... No? Well I do...

Today saw the launch of the results of the Soil Association and Organix's survey into how the nation's chain restaurants are treating our kids and Alex got the opportunity to express his views on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours.

Yes, he did me proud by declaring his love of cabbage, but his top pick of restaurants was Burger King. Burger King who came last in the league. Burger King which he’s only been to once. Humph. I could blame the rather leading questions, or the fact that they’d just been talking about Burger King (in the bit that was cut of course...), but I’d actually probably blame Burger King. The huge plastic toy does still loom large in his mind and he does often point out the signs as we drive past.

But, what this league table will help parents like me do is make good choices of where to take the kids. And, to be honest, if I’m in need of a burger whilst stuck on the motorway to Cornwall I’ll be heading for the golden arches. Why? Because despite my pre-conceptions, McDonald's actually came in at number 11 and was second only to Jamie’s Italian in terms of their ethical sourcing of meat and fish.

And this is what is good about Out to Lunch, it’s got people talking about the issue and it’ll hopefully get the restaurants upping their game. After all, what the Soil Association and Organix are suggesting are all very, very reasonable things - in fact you’d sort of expect them to be the case anyway, but still:

  • Offer all children the choice of a child's portion of adult meals
  • Serve freshly prepared food, not ready meals
  • Offer free water to all families on arrival
  • Offer children’s cutlery as standard
  • Make breastfeeding mums feel welcome

So, sorry Alex, but until Burger King make a few changes, we won’t be going back. But we will be getting behind the campaign, filling in restaurant reviews and hopefully, hopefully seeing a few changes out there.

To hear my lad’s interview listen to You and Yours and go to time 22.50 - I’m very proud!

* Alex’s favourite restaurant is actually ‘the moving food place’, AKA Yo Sushi…

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