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The Felfie; farmers and their smart phones are taking over Twitter!

Anna Louise Batchelor - 29 January 2014

Felfie from Riverford's Guy WatsonHave heard the saying 'you learn something new every day'? Well today you are going to learn about the 'Felfie'!

Last Friday I attended induction training for my role on the Soil Association's Standards Board. In one day I learnt; the detailed procedures of setting and implementing the Association's organic standards and the work of each of the individual the standards committees. What I was not expecting to learn, whilst chatting to my new colleagues, was about the 'Felfie'.

Just what is a Felfie you may ask, I certainly did! A Felfie is a farmer 'selfie' or a photo taken on a smart-phone by a farmer at work and shared on Twitter. Even though my business is in the world of social media, the Felfie was a new one on me. Once I started looking into the trend I was hooked! From chickens and their farmers to farmers and their tractors I was LOLing on the train home from Bristol. Amongst some of the best Felfies was the organic veg growing guru Guy Waston (@riverford) snapping his latest crop, between his legs no less!

Whilst the new cult of the Felfie is a lot of fun, it has a serious side too. Reporting on the Felfie trend the Guardian newspaper highlighted how the Felfie is allowing farmers to connect with people via Twitter, alleviating rural isolation and loneliness.

At a time when people are worryingly disconnected from how and who is producing their food I think the Felfie is a real gift. Not only can a photo say more than a 140 character tweet, it also gives you a picture of the farmer, the producer suddenly becomes a person. In a Felfie you can see the farm, the crop the livestock and best of all its fun rather than being lectured at.

I’ve blogged before on why I think the Organic sector should use social media. If you've taken up the challenge to get involved then now it’s time to have some Felfie fun. Get snapping on your smart-phone, #tag your photo #Felfie and join in the organic farming conversation.

Anna Louise Batchelor is an environmental scientist working as a food consultant in the organic sector. She applies her skills and experience to the UK's organic certification system as a member of the Soil Association Standards board.

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Anna Louise Batchelor
03 February 2014 11:01

Thanks for the recommendation Alison. @farmersoftheuk is a great Twitter stream to follow :-)

Anna Louise Batchelor
03 February 2014 10:53

Thanks for letting me know about the 'Teikei' system Rachel. I've been reading up and it's really interesting :-)

30 January 2014 09:31

I'm also enjoying @FarmersoftheUK on Twitter - tweets from a different farmer each week. This week it's an organic dairy farmer in Lancs.

29 January 2014 17:36

Hi Anna. Great blog. I love the idea of 'felfie' too! It is so much about connecting properly with the people who actually produce our food.In Japan, 'teikei', the equivalent of community supported agriculture is also referred to as food with a farmer's face on it. And there's a facebook group from the States called 'If you don't know your farmer your not in a CSA!'

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