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We can't choose to stop eating sugar

Amy Leech: The launch of the Action on Sugar campaign last week had everybody up in arms. The public health community cheered from the side lines. The food industry pointed fingers, rallying in defence of their very responsible labelling. Some people were angry, how dare these doctors tell me how to take my tea? We don't like being told what to do. We're happy, and are led, to think that the food we eat is our responsibility, our choice. This simply isn't true.

13 January 2014 | 12 Comments | Recommended by 11

Providing choices for people with none

Amy Leech: The prevalence of obesity in the most deprived 10% of the population is approximately twice that of the least deprived 10%. Is there any wonder? Today’s report on obesity from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges identifies a “food culture in which highly calorific food is available at literally, pocket money prices.” It’s easier and cheaper to eat badly. If you want cheap calories you are not going to grab a handful of good for you grapes – crisps, chocolate, cake, cost less and go further to meet your energy needs. The horsemeat scandal has served to highlight the inadequacies of a food system driven by profit, and the fact that it’s those buying the cheapest food who are falling victim to them.

18 February 2013 | 4 Comments | Recommended by 4

On your bike! Healthy living needs more than organic food

Anna Louise Batchelor: Are you still sitting on the sofa watching the Olympics? If you have been inspired by the Olympians and Paralympians isn’t it time you got up and got on your bike? Over the last few months I have been glued to the TV watching cycling. From Le Tour de France to the Olympic gold medal winners it has been a great year for British cycling. Perhaps the Soil Association certified wood for the Olympic velodrome helped. Now whilst I find these athletic feats inspiring I’m always interested in how they can trickle down. What do I mean? I mean it’s time for us all to keep fit!

10 September 2012 | 104 Comments | Recommended by 21

Take your marks... get set... sit

Jim Kitchen: And we’re off. For the next fortnight, the greatest global sporting extravaganza is being played out on home turf, as it were, and millions of us will be devoted spectators of the 14,690 Olympians who will be battling for the spoils in a myriad of disciplines. For most of us, sadly, the couch will always be more accessible than the podium. Professor Tim Lang of London’s City University has described it as a festival of the “superfat watching the superfit” – his pithy recognition of the widespread rise in obesity among the UK’s population set in ironic contrast with the perfectly honed physiques of the world’s best sports performers.

31 July 2012 | 350 Comments | Recommended by 171

What's the connection: Jaguars, school food and ambulances?

Vicki Hird: What is the connection between the jaguar, a school meal and ambulance refits? There is one. Honest. It’s about food. And about how much and what we eat.

08 February 2011 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 7

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