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Organic September needs a recipe for success

Anna Louise Batchelor: Last year’s ‘Organic September’ was a great success with organic food sales in the month increasing by nearly 9%. The ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’ campaign theme also gained a great deal of publicity in both print and social media, the latter allowing people to really engage with the campaign through making personal pledges. Personally I know that Organic September 2013 has been a success because I’m already recipe writing for September 2014.

31 July 2014 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 8

Wells Food Festival

Lynda Brown: Next Sunday, 20 October, will find me at the first Wells Food Festival and I’m hoping that anyone interested in food - especially supporting local food producers, that live in the area, will be there too. I’m making the effort to go to this one firstly because it is determinedly local; secondly because they’ve got some interesting ‘walks and talks'; thirdly because they’ve got a debate on milk, (a subject close to my heart) chaired by Soil Association trustee Joanna Blythman; and finally because the beautiful market town of Wells is now the latest rural market town to fall victim of the SS - Supermarket Saturation.

10 October 2013 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 1

If supermarkets disappeared tomorrow....

Lynda Brown: Sunday found me deluged by people visiting my postage stamp garden as part of Box Gardens open day event; what pleased me most was that everyone was not only taken by the fact that I’d managed to cram in a pond, but I’d also squeezed in some veggies: a modest 1 metre square deep bed (Swiss chard/French beans/lettuce); 3 tomatoes, 1 courgette and 1 asparagus plant; a few climbing beans and sugar snap peas in pots; 2 blackcurrant bushes; and apple and pear tree which were already here.

17 June 2013 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 1

GM betrayal....

Lynda Brown: M&S, the Co-op, Tesco, and Sainsbury's have announced that they no longer require their producers to use non GM feed for farm animals. The excuse is that there isn't sufficient non GM feed to go around and anyway, it's not detectable in things like eggs, milk or chicken, i.e. there's no need to worry, it's all perfectly safe sort of thing. So, forget all that you're worth it rubbish - we're clearly not.

14 April 2013 | 7 Comments | Recommended by 13

French lesson: Independents help grow organic sales

Charles Redfern: An old acquaintance of mine, Jean Verdier, is president of Synabio (the Organic Trade Board equivalent in France). He recently sent me a link to an interview he gave on French TV.

20 November 2012 | 8 Comments | Recommended by 1

Starting where people are

Tim Young: We're in the morning discussion session of today's conference, and Julian Walker-Palin the Asda representative on the panel has been taking a bit of stick with questions from the floor. In response he made a good point, well - the views of his customers (as expressed through big surveys) are real, and they count; they can't be ignored because they're not convenient, or they don't chime with our views of how the world should be.

02 March 2012 | 23 Comments | Recommended by 8

Engineering choice

Tim Young: Last night’s final plenary session ‘what’s stopping progress’ was a great discussion between Tim Lang of City University, author Joanna Blythman, Riverford’s Guy Watson, and Colin Cox who works on Manchester food enterprises. A lot of the most interesting discussion was around the idea possible ‘nudges’ to individuals behaviour, and the scale of the nudges that might be needed.

10 February 2011 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 6

The supermarket debate...

Sam Trebbick: Strongly disagree with the view of Joanna Blythman that the Soil Association and the supermarkets are "not suitable bed mates". I question where the funding deficit would be made up without the support of the supermarkets and the many branded and indeed non branded suppliers in the room who supply them! They offer a route to the largest number of consumers and shoppers available and simply cannot be ignored in terms of what they can do and influence.

09 February 2011 | 18 Comments | Recommended by 12

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