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Why I choose organic meat

Danny Lidgate: We have been buying and selling organic produce for some decades and have seen many changes in the food industry and consumer habits. The biggest trend seems to be, not surprisingly, an interest in where the food comes from and what might be in it. In a stressful and fast-moving city lifestyle a balanced and healthy diet can help detoxify and improve physical and mental well being. This can sometimes mean eating a little less but eating better, and of course this is as important for vegetables as for meat.

22 July 2015 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 1

Putting planet and growers at the core of seed legislation

Concepta Cassar: The arrival of March marks the melting of winter into spring, and the long-awaited emergence of new life from the depths of the cold season. Snow drops, daffodils and crocuses bring light where there was once darkness, and the first-sown seeds of the year finally start to raise their sleepy heads. Around the country, people will be cracking open bean pods and shaking out little envelopes, while the seed industry celebrates an early cash crop.

10 March 2015 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 2

3 more days to go...

Lynda Brown: Those of you following the great new wannabe national Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement will know that they need to raise enough money (£6,500 - a very modest amount by funding standards) to form a national self help network to help the movement go from strength to strength and become a viable alternative reality for everyone, town and country.

25 April 2014 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 12

Organic Market Report: what can we glean?

Lynda Brown: As most people know, the new Organic Market Report is a corker (a fascinating read, nicely presented, and lots of feel good stats). Despite a dreadful recession - which all sectors of the food and farming industry have battled with and suffered from - and supposedly against all the odds, the organic market is back in growth. Frankly, it's looking buoyant, good-to-go, and fighting fit. Moreover the trend is global and includes textiles and health & beauty products too.

15 April 2014 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 3

Safeguarding our living gene bank

Ben Raskin: Without diversity we can’t have resilience. We all need sufficient genetic material whether saving our own Open Pollinated varieties, or at the cutting edge of seed breeding. An effective legislation as well as protecting consumers must allow us all, both amateur and professional seed producers, to increase the living seed bank adapted to the changing climate.

19 March 2014 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 2

The Felfie; farmers and their smart phones are taking over Twitter!

Anna Louise Batchelor: Have heard the saying 'you learn something new every day'? Well today you are going to learn about the 'Felfie'! Last Friday I attended induction training for my role on the Soil Association's Standards Board. In one day I learnt; the detailed procedures of setting and implementing the Association's organic standards and the work of each of the individual the standards committees. What I was not expecting to learn, whilst chatting to my new colleagues, was about the 'Felfie'.

29 January 2014 | 4 Comments | Recommended by 9

Brie Innovative!

Lizzi Testani: When I went to visit the bubbly team making cheese at Simon Weaver Cotswold Organic Dairy during Organic September, I discovered the many ways their operation is unique and particularly in keeping with the 'innovation' theme of this year’s Soil Association Annual Conference. Firstly, they stand out for making local styles of cheese (Single Gloucester and Cotswold Blue) alongside international styles (Brie, Mozzarella and Greek) with milk that is anything but long-haul.

09 October 2013 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 5

What it says on the tin... or pot

Peter Melchett: Methylisothiazolinone, Phthalates, Parabens, PEGs - (polyethylene glycols, Non-natural Propylene Glycol (PG), Cocamide DEA... I could go on. You would wash the floor with some of these, clean your oven with them, find them in antifreeze or use some of them to redecorate your house, some are banned in food or children's toys because of the risk that they are carcinogens, so would you knowingly put them on your skin? It alarms me that all are found in the bathrooms of our homes in health and beauty products, more worryingly some are even found in products labeled as 'natural' or 'nature inspired'.

03 June 2013 | 8 Comments | Recommended by 9

Get cooking and stop chucking

Kathie Auton: Half of all food thrown away - that's the news story I woke up to this morning. And yesterday I was reading about children no longer being taught to cook. Children cooking and using up food: two things that obsess my thoughts daily. I want to get on my soapbox today. I want to say 'get cooking and stop chucking', but these are hardly problems that will be solved by foot stamping and opining.

10 January 2013 | 15 Comments | Recommended by 19

What rhymes with chicken?

Kathie Auton: My last post was about talking to children about where their veg comes from. About trying to persuade them that eating the greenstuff is a joy, not something to be endured, and about allowing kids to learn about food from a very early age. My city kids, never more than ½ mile from the nearest coffee shop, have a very different life to my own, slightly muddy upbringing in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

15 June 2012 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 16

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