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Festive Cheer?

Lynda Brown: Sorry to sound a killjoy but I am not a fan of the festive season. A month of retail madness which is as far away from everything that matters to me as you can get. However, it is an opportunity to seek out some really nice food and drink. So, if I could have one wish, please Santa, it would be as many people as possible go native, say "No" to supermarket fodder and their celebrity cohorts peddling upmarket factory food, and discover the pleasure and benefits of buying from real artisan producers, and introducing friends and family to their favourite organic producers. Fortunately, when it comes to booze , we're very lucky. We have two first class mail order/on line organic wine companies,Vinceremos (, and Vintage Roots ( pleasure bit starts the minute you start browsing their catalogues:a seductive collection of organic, biodynamic, low-sulphur, and the latest trend, no-added sulphur wines - all so different from the token fairtrade/organic selection in supermarkets who need to keep up the facade of being green. ......

30 November 2011 | 6 Comments | Recommended by 5

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