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The future of our food

Catherine Fookes: It’s hard not to notice that our food prices have shot up, and while we might not be going hungry just yet, what’s the bet that a lot of us are starting the New Year slightly more cash strapped than last, armed with ways of feeding ourselves on a budget, planning imaginative meals with leftovers and generally cutting back on dining out. The increase in food prices is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s increasingly becoming a worldwide issue of food security. Launched this week, the Enough Food for Everyone, IF campaign, is tackling world hunger head on with a hard hitting celebrity backed campaign supported by industry and charitable organisations - the latest in a string of initiatives to tackle this issue.

25 January 2013 | 654 Comments | Recommended by 9

French lesson: Independents help grow organic sales

Charles Redfern: An old acquaintance of mine, Jean Verdier, is president of Synabio (the Organic Trade Board equivalent in France). He recently sent me a link to an interview he gave on French TV.

20 November 2012 | 8 Comments | Recommended by 1

The Why I Love Organic campaign is growing up

Charles Redfern: Ever since I’ve been involved with organic, there have been two competing viewpoints of how we should communicate our messages. Viewpoint one says convince, convert, explain, educate. Viewpoint two says simplify and appeal to a more basic consumer instinct. But I don’t think we have to choose: I think we have to do both at the same time.

30 November 2011 | 57 Comments | Recommended by 4

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