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Jumping cattle, balsam and Skye...

Emma Heseltine: Today we are trying to get some of the cattle in because one is off to Lockerbie this week. Trouble is we have got some of Duncan at Sliver Lea’s little store cattle grazing one of our fields (we have a lot of grass). We have to get the black cattle in the small field so we can get the Longhorns past them without chaos. This proves somewhat difficult as the black cattle don’t know us, don’t know the field and are a tiny bit wild.

23 June 2013 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 0

Beechnut is stuck, helping the neighbours and seminar...

Emma Heseltine: The boss is away and I’ve been left in charge. This is quite a daunting prospect as things tend to keel over as soon as she goes away. Today disaster is averted though when I spot Beechnut acting oddly at Wallace field.

29 January 2012 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 4

bringing in the lambs, walling and wielding a bill-hook

Emma Heseltine: I’ve been sent on a solo herding mission. Now in general Sheep dogs will work for one person, Trim is a one woman dog and will start to round up the sheep for me, but I have little control after ‘away’. I’ve been working on Skye and think he will at least obey simple commands from me, time to test the theory; I’ve to get the lambs in at Walllace field.

05 December 2011 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 5

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