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Take your marks... get set... sit

Jim Kitchen: And we’re off. For the next fortnight, the greatest global sporting extravaganza is being played out on home turf, as it were, and millions of us will be devoted spectators of the 14,690 Olympians who will be battling for the spoils in a myriad of disciplines. For most of us, sadly, the couch will always be more accessible than the podium. Professor Tim Lang of London’s City University has described it as a festival of the “superfat watching the superfit” – his pithy recognition of the widespread rise in obesity among the UK’s population set in ironic contrast with the perfectly honed physiques of the world’s best sports performers.

31 July 2012 | 350 Comments | Recommended by 170

The Road to 2020

Helen Browning: It has been a busy few weeks. Organic September is proving a great success with activities taking place all over the country, and lots of promotional activities among our licensees. And today I’m very excited to announce the publication of the first iteration of our refreshed strategy: ‘The road to 2020': Towards healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use’

27 September 2011 | 49 Comments | Recommended by 12

The countdown is on

Whitmuir the Organic Place: 35 days to go to the Highland Show and still haven't pinned down a supplier of organic early potatoes to go with the beef stew. Our own Colleen are through the ground but looking a bit sorry for themselves, and unlikely to make the grade in time. With overnight temperatures down to 5 and 70 mile per hour winds it's been a bit grim out there this week. The salads in the polytunnel have slowed right down but we've lined up four other local organic growers to top up supplies.

27 May 2011 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 3

Manchester here we come

Christopher Trotter: Being a bit of a technophobe I am risking life and limb to make this entry, will be setting off from Scotland to Manchester

08 February 2011 | 38 Comments | Recommended by 41

What's the connection: Jaguars, school food and ambulances?

Vicki Hird: What is the connection between the jaguar, a school meal and ambulance refits? There is one. Honest. It’s about food. And about how much and what we eat.

08 February 2011 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 7

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