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Jumping cattle, balsam and Skye...

Emma Heseltine: Today we are trying to get some of the cattle in because one is off to Lockerbie this week. Trouble is we have got some of Duncan at Sliver Lea’s little store cattle grazing one of our fields (we have a lot of grass). We have to get the black cattle in the small field so we can get the Longhorns past them without chaos. This proves somewhat difficult as the black cattle don’t know us, don’t know the field and are a tiny bit wild.

23 June 2013 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 0

Sheep in the garden, lameness and goslings...

Emma Heseltine: Beechnut is in the little paddocks. She was getting picked on by some of the other cattle at Aglionby so we brought her back for a little TLC. She is in calf and looks a little thin so a bit of grain just for her and a shed to sleep in wont hurt. We have put a couple of ewes that have no lambs with her to keep her company, but it seems they are not keen on the arrangement.

07 May 2013 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 1

Limps, Skye's problem and snow...

Emma Heseltine: One or two of our ewes are limping. We get them in to have a look see what the problem is. One of them has a bit of an ulcer on her toe and needs a bit of TLC. I give her a pedicure and clean out the foot with salt water and goop it up with some foot paste. She is going to stay in the pen tonight to keep her feet out of the mud. She is not impressed. There are a couple of others who get a foot trim too. Our sheep are big and not the easiest to tip, especially if they’re are not in the mood.

13 January 2013 | 12 Comments | Recommended by 2

Runaway sheep, flock and hiding cattle...

Emma Heseltine: We are bagging some barley in the shed when all the ewes go running past and head up the drive. It’s going to be one of those days. It seems the other half of our gang today were getting them in to change the colour of the paint on the boys. Some miss-hap has meant one of the gates got left open and so away they go! We leg it up the drive and manage to turn the vast majority of them at the corner but four make a break for it and head up the drive.

11 November 2012 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 1

Trimming the lambs and a quiet word...

Emma Heseltine: The lambs I picked out for Brampton market are all at Houghton, they are going to the abattoir tomorrow. Before they go we have to give them a little trim. For hygiene reasons the abattoir doesn’t want muddy or daggy sheep, we have to tidy them up a bit.

22 January 2012 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 9

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