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Do you know what's in your knickers?

Lynda Brown: Well, I've been absent for a bit, so I thought a catchy title might be just what an absentee needed (the title, by the way, is genuine, but more of that later). I've spent some time recently trying, once again, to have a go at doing something about that perennial problem called eco- fashion. A problem because it's so easy not to, clothes on the high street are everywhere, ridiculous cheap - and then there's all those bargains...... As my friends will also testify , trying to get me to spend money on clothes is like pulling teeth without an anaesthetic - it just doesn't happen, unless ,of course, they're a double bargain, when all my principles fly out the window. ..But every now and then something happens which stiffens my resolve to do better. This time it appeared as a crisp brown paper parcel that arrived unexpectedly in the post. Nestled lovingly in tissue paper , in a cute cardboard bag so stylish I shall covet it always , a pair of chunky organic Fairtrade fairisle socks from eco-fashion hero, People Tree, handknitted in Nepal - a present from my best friend who'd recently visited and knows me too well to ever think I'd buy them for myself.

22 November 2011 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 2

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