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Bread capitals

Anna Louise Batchelor: I’m just back from a trip to Norfolk where I enjoyed travelling and eating my way round the beautiful county. I walked along stunning coastlines, visited pretty market towns and was bowled over by bread. Yes bread! ‘Real Bread’ made with only four ingredients; flour, water, yeast (or sourdough) and salt. This is bread with crusts on, with flavour but without artificial improvers, E numbers or a whole long list of words that you can’t even pronounce.

01 March 2013 | 8 Comments | Recommended by 14

A website to watch

Lynda Brown: I'm not the biggest fan of websites - I skim them when I need to, get infuriated when I can't click on instantly to the only bit I want, can't bear banal chit chat, and actually much prefer thoughtful, joined up writing that gives me interesting information written in an engaging but focused way. My pet hate are food websites with no real content, written in simpering prose, padded out with snippets gleaned from press releases or gushing recommendations from some press trip or other, not to mention all those "delicious", "simple " fake recipes full of ingredients you haven't got and you're never going to make. Moi, cynical? You bet.

20 July 2011 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 0

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