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Olympic first for Soil Association Woodmark

Beck Woodrow: Building all the venues and landscaping for the London 2012 Olympic Park was going to take a lot of timber - in the final count, over 12,500 cubic metres – so the Olympic Delivery Authority wanted to be sure that it all came from responsible sources. And they wanted to have an independent check to show that their claims had the backing of a trusted certification name, so they asked Soil Association Woodmark to do a Project Certification – the first in the world for such a huge, complex site - using both Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standards, to show that the timber had been tracked from forest to site. After several audits and much number crunching, the certificates were awarded on the rooftop of the Olympic Control Centre at the end of March.

18 April 2012 | 118 Comments | Recommended by 36

Tree planting

Tim Young: Easter is a busy time in the year for the allotment, and ours is no exception – weather permitting we’ve been getting down to the plot most weekends, and our house and garden are full of seedlings in various states of growth. We’re in relatively good shape at the moment – most of our beds are dug, we’ve got spuds, onions and some squash in the ground, a bunch of brassica, pea and tomato seedlings at home, and we’re still enjoying the last of our purple sprouting from last year – which is absolutely delicious. The most exciting thing recently though has been planting an apple tree. It’s a semi-dwarfing Fiesta from Walcot Organic Nursery, and although at the moment it’s more of a stick in the ground than a tree, there was something particularly satisfying about planting it.

14 April 2012 | 48 Comments | Recommended by 6

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