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Tackling Food Waste in Sussex - The Fruit Factory

Tristram Stuart: You and I have something in common. Food. Getting together to cook, share a meal, and swap stories is something we can all relate to. On the flip side of this we instinctively know there’s something bad about wasting food. That’s why I wanted to write about Brighton Permaculture Trust’s crowdfunding appeal to finish the building of a straw bale Fruit Factory - saving unwanted local fruit from waste and turning it into delicious produce for the community.

26 March 2015 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 2

Food waste... again

Kathie Auton: In January of this year I wrote this blog post about food waste - Get cooking and stop chucking. And here we are 9 months on and it's in the headlines again. Food waste déjà vu. Now, I could make some facetious comment about the fact that this - not being a new thing - is not news, but what's different this time is that Tesco has something to say about it.

23 October 2013 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 6

Reducing food waste in the UK

Catherine Fookes: In May, leading retailers in the UK announced their latest bids to reduce food waste by trialling new packaging in stores that claims to keep fruit and vegetable fresher. Food waste in the UK is a major issue with UK households throwing away over 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year - the majority of which could have been eaten. To make matters worse, it’s costing us £12 billion a year and is having an impact on the environment as well. Retailers such as Tesco estimate that the new packaging, being trialled on tomatoes and avocados, could save over 1.6m packs of tomatoes and 350,000 packs of avocados every year - numbers not to be sniffed at.

19 June 2013 | 3 Comments | Recommended by 3

The future of our food

Catherine Fookes: It’s hard not to notice that our food prices have shot up, and while we might not be going hungry just yet, what’s the bet that a lot of us are starting the New Year slightly more cash strapped than last, armed with ways of feeding ourselves on a budget, planning imaginative meals with leftovers and generally cutting back on dining out. The increase in food prices is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s increasingly becoming a worldwide issue of food security. Launched this week, the Enough Food for Everyone, IF campaign, is tackling world hunger head on with a hard hitting celebrity backed campaign supported by industry and charitable organisations - the latest in a string of initiatives to tackle this issue.

25 January 2013 | 654 Comments | Recommended by 9

Get cooking and stop chucking

Kathie Auton: Half of all food thrown away - that's the news story I woke up to this morning. And yesterday I was reading about children no longer being taught to cook. Children cooking and using up food: two things that obsess my thoughts daily. I want to get on my soapbox today. I want to say 'get cooking and stop chucking', but these are hardly problems that will be solved by foot stamping and opining.

10 January 2013 | 15 Comments | Recommended by 18

Asking the wrong questions

Amy Leech: In the debate on food security, there’s a lot to play for, finding the right answers is the key to our existence. But any good scientist will tell you that the answer you give is only as good as the question you’re asked. Pictures of people starving, and projections of a rocketing world population certainly make you gulp, and wonder, how on earth are we going to feed everyone? It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that we just need to produce more. Let’s look at the bigger picture.

16 April 2012 | 26 Comments | Recommended by 13

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