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Seven steps to perfect compost

Ben Raskin: This week is National Composting week, which gives me the excuse to talk about one of my favourite subjects: compost. There’s something magical about the way that scraps and waste fruit and veg can turn into sweet smelling and nutritious crumbly brown soil food. And the best thing about this natural process is that you can do it on any scale – from municipal composters handling many tonnes a week to small compost bins in our houses. Here are my seven steps to perfect compost:

07 May 2014 | 16 Comments | Recommended by 39

Sunny side up please

Amy Leech: The first law of thermodynamics, and probably the only one I can ever remember, says that energy cannot be created or destroyed - it may be transformed or moved – but it definitely does not appear from thin air. Plants use a lot of energy. Every day they busy themselves converting all sorts of energy, gases and matter into the elements and nutrients they need to grow. The energy they have converted is then passed on to us via these nutrients – they make up the food we eat.

26 April 2012 | 12 Comments | Recommended by 11

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