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Known unknowns and unknown unknowns – a new book on GMOs helps sort things out

Marianne Landzettel: The Soil Association, like other proponents of organic agriculture around the globe, takes a clear stand against GM ingredients in food and crops. But anyone opposed to GM agriculture often finds him or herself between the onslaught of the well-oiled and even better funded PR machine of big agrochemical companies and eminent GM supporters like the former environment minister Owen Paterson who told the Oxford Farming Conference in January that Europe would become a ‘museum of world farming’ without GM.

15 October 2014 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 4

Organic cotton production - going beyond the numbers

Liesl Truscott: A new report from Textile Exchange reveals a changing landscape for organic cotton. Previously, we’ve watched production figures rising yet felt a sense of unease about the number of critical issues brewing below the surface, masked by the great numbers we were reporting. This year that has all changed. But the story is not all bad. On one hand we have seen a significant decline of over 35% in production volumes (for reasons I’ll explain soon). On the other, we are seeing the resilience and expansion of organic cotton programs where robust and supportive business models are evident (more about this later).

07 May 2012 | 51 Comments | Recommended by 24

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