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The flood and lessons in a teacup

Marianne Landzettel: The floods in the north of England and parts of Scotland are causing misery to thousands of people. News footage shows flooded streets and clean-up missions, and it’s triggered a discussion about investments into flood protection - or rather the lack of. It might be too early to assess the damage in rural areas, from drowned livestock to ruined soils and crops. But it’s high time to discuss the impact of what’s happening upstream – and it’s not just the fact that according to George Monbiot* areas of the moors are still being drained and burnt to improve grouse shooting. I’d like to highlight the impact organic agriculture can have: it can act as a growing flood defence and keep mountains from moving. Literally.

05 January 2016 | 5 Comments | Recommended by 3

Growing winter crops with summer sun

Ben Raskin: One perk of my job is getting to visit some of the most innovative growers in the UK. This was very evident on our recent Farmer and Grower Board away days in Cumbria from which I have just returned. Horticulture has historically tended to occupy the best land near to centres of population. In more recent decades new entrants into growing have been unable to compete with increasing demand for land (for instance from housing and pony paddocks). As a result growers often have to take advantage of more marginal land.

04 June 2012 | 6 Comments | Recommended by 3

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