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Ploughing, hoggs and the beacon...

Emma Heseltine: There is a corner of one of the arable fields at Wallace field that is getting triticale and wild bird seed mix sown on it, but it’s a bit dishevelled looking so we need it ploughing first. Neighbour John has come round with his big red tractor and is ploughing it up. It’s been pretty boggy but the nice weather has dried it out a bit so now we can get on and sort it out. The Croftlands men are helping as we try and turn over some of the bigger sods so that its all ‘brown side up’ we are also hauling out any big rocks we find. It's hard turning over the turf sausage rolls but it is starting to look more ready for seed now. The size of some of the boulders is shocking, but we manage to move most of them.

05 June 2012 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 2

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