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World Soil Day

Monty Don: What struck me at the recent Soil Association conference is the incredible amount of sheer hard work that is being done within the Soil Association and by its partners to look after our soil. For me, their work translates as a real engagement with the soil; with the earth itself - not the idea of it - but the actual physical soil. This engagement is also what motivates me. So, for me, to have a Soil Association is a beautiful thing. It’s a profound thing. Soil is at the core of everything that goes on with their work, whether it be in schools, whether it be project based, whether it be raising money... it’s about the soil. Nothing could be more important.

05 December 2013 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 0

Why do we bother?

Lynda Brown: I do sometimes wonder, don't you? Last week the Soil Association president and presenter of Gardeners' World, Monty Don, found himself at odds with the BBC, who, without it seems asking him, had re-assured pesticide manufacturers that he would be "more even handed in his discussion of organic and non-organic techniques". I see it's run over to this week, too - by the way, Geoff Hamilton (see below) did not die of organic food, as one anti commentator implied but from a heart attack whilst on a charity bike ride.

06 June 2012 | 51 Comments | Recommended by 4

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