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Thistle cutting, grass cutting and wool...

Emma Heseltine: It's time to crack out the thistle cutter. It has been sitting in the barn all winter but now we need to attack the weeds in lagoon field. We have decided to not make hay on there this year so it’s a good chance to get the weeds in hand. The thistle cutter is a basically a mower that goes on the back of the quad bike. It has its own engine and is quite incredibly loud, but it does the job. There is no chance of doing the whole field so I do the worst patches of thistles, docks and nettles, mowing little patterns into the field.

30 June 2013 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 1

More hay, going to Crosby and weights...

Emma Heseltine: We have got some hay but have another five fields to cut. This week Susan decides to go for it so we cut two at Wallace Field and two at Houghton. I even get a chance to have a go with the mower in the dark on the big Houghton field, it’s an impressive bit of machinery and the big Massey is somewhat smoother than the little old one which has a door missing and a fairly suspect seat (but I love it!) With four fields lying it is going to be a busy week.

05 August 2012 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 3

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