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The three T's, escapology and the last hay...

Emma Heseltine: Whilst I was baling hay at the weekend the rest of the gang were weaning the lambs at Wallacefield. Today we are going to check through the ewes to see if they are all okay, if there are any mutton in the flock. It’s a sheep MOT, the three T’s; teeth, toes and teats. We need to make sure none have bad udders; they need to be able to feed their lambs. They must have all their teeth, or at least most of them as if they can feed themselves properly then they can’t produce enough milk to feed their lambs. Lastly they must have good feet otherwise they can’t get to the grass to feed themselves in order to produce milk to feed their lambs. It’s all linked.

19 August 2012 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 1

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