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Bangladesh textile factory collapse

Sarah Compson: As well as sadness, sympathy and compassion for the victims, something else also welled up inside me - horror. It wasn’t just horror at the unnecessary deaths of 700 (and rising) innocent people, but horror caused by a realisation that the disaster highlights the dark side of the way we think about and consume fashion.

16 May 2013 | 3 Comments | Recommended by 7

A witch in my wardrobe

Amy Leech: The contents of my wardrobe don’t change much - you’re more likely to find Narnia in there than this season’s print or cut of jeans. When I do go clothes shopping, the way the fabric has been produced doesn’t influence whether I’ll take it home or not. But having spent the last few months digging deeper into the impacts of cotton production, I have learnt that my attitude to clothes and how they are produced is in need of makeover.

04 October 2012 | 67 Comments | Recommended by 6

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