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Two for Christmas...

Lynda Brown: I've just received an email from Slow Food UK about their eminently worthwhile Eat it or Lose it initiative, part of their Forgotten Foods campaign which is trying to encourage everyone to support our traditional foods and breeds. Good timing because It gives me the perfect opportunity to do two things I almost never do: praise supermarkets, or in this case, Waitrose; and wax lyrical about non-organic veg.

30 November 2012 | 68 Comments | Recommended by 19

Going slow with the Turin crowd

Jim Kitchen: An everyday meal in classical Rome was frugal - a simple porridge of emmer wheat and broad beans would have been typical. But Romans set aside this frugality for civic banquets which played an important role in political, social and religious life. Such events, ostensibly a gathering of equals, was called a convivium. The modern expression of a convivium lies at the heart of the Slow Food movement, which has over 1300 of these local chapters around the world, working to defend their culinary culture and support sustainable food production.

09 November 2012 | 148 Comments | Recommended by 15

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