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I’m dreaming of a GM-free Christmas

Elisabeth Winkler: Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a GM-free Christmas. So make my Christmas dinner organic, please. I don’t want to eat genetically modified (GM) food at Christmas, or anytime. In fact, I resent even having to write that sentence. Genetic modification has no place in my world. It is an outdated technology which messes with nature at its most basic 'building block' level, by inserting a gene from another species (plant, animal, bacterium and/or virus) into a plant, thus 'modifying' it.

08 December 2014 | 5 Comments | Recommended by 16

Organic supper clubs, a feast for all seasons

Anna Louise Batchelor: The first time I visited an ‘Underground Restaurant’ was in Cuba’s capital city Havana. These eateries or ‘Paladares’ are run in people’s homes as an informal and cheap way to get a good hot meal. Eating in a Paladares not only allowed me to sample the local cuisine but it also fuelled the travels of two hungry and cash strapped 'pasty' female backpackers. Back in Britain I was pleased to see Underground Restaurants becoming fashionable and gaining notoriety. I did the rounds of London’s top spots from the poshest, held in the grand former hunting lodge home of Jo Woods, to London's most renowned - the 'Underground Restaurant' in Kilburn.

27 November 2012 | 182 Comments | Recommended by 38

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