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Haylage is greener, geese and organic pigs...

Emma Heseltine: The haylage is always greener in the other barrow. When feeding the cattle at Aglionby its best to keep your eyes peeled for Hayley, she is a bit over eager sometimes. We are feeding haylage at Aglionby and have to take it out into the field with a big wheelbarrow. There are two cows and calves, four in calf cows and a heifer and five store cattle and they need quite a bit of forage to munch. The trouble with Hayley’s keenness is that she sometimes nearly jabs you with her big horns when she is trying to steal food from the barrow. Also she has to come and try the contents of each barrow load to see which is best. She is highly food motivated our Hayley.

16 December 2012 | 148 Comments | Recommended by 22

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