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Hurrah, it's the Food for Life Partnership's Roast Dinner Day!

Holly Black: What a brilliant excuse to have the most popular meal of the week twice! In celebration, Simon (the Catering Mark's newest member of staff!) and I stopped off at Ashton Vale Primary School in Bristol to have our roast dinner with some pupils. Ashton Vale has been doing some amazing work as part of the Food for Life Partnership - and this is visible right from the word go.

20 November 2013 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 2

Providing choices for people with none

Amy Leech: The prevalence of obesity in the most deprived 10% of the population is approximately twice that of the least deprived 10%. Is there any wonder? Today’s report on obesity from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges identifies a “food culture in which highly calorific food is available at literally, pocket money prices.” It’s easier and cheaper to eat badly. If you want cheap calories you are not going to grab a handful of good for you grapes – crisps, chocolate, cake, cost less and go further to meet your energy needs. The horsemeat scandal has served to highlight the inadequacies of a food system driven by profit, and the fact that it’s those buying the cheapest food who are falling victim to them.

18 February 2013 | 4 Comments | Recommended by 4

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