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Five questions with... Tom Baker

Anna Louise Batchelor: I met Tom at the first Soil Association conference I ever attended, in Tom’s home town of Birmingham. Tom was one of the producers catering for the event and even as a ‘rookie’ baker I was blown away by Tom’s Rye bread. Since then Tom has gone onto establish ‘Loaf’ more than just a bakery, Loaf is a social enterprise with community building objectives which I will let Tom explain in his own words.

18 June 2013 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 6

Co-op-erate and bake!

Anna Louise Batchelor: Last week I blogged about a meeting being held by the True Food Co-op to vote on opening a real bread bakery. A big thank you to everyone who sent me messages of support and curiosity; “did we vote yes”? We certainly did! It’s great news and “exciting times ahead” seems to be the saying of the moment. However the story doesn’t stop there as we search for an artisan baker, get baking and actually sell enough bread to make the venture financially viable. The story doesn’t stop there on another count, as it’s a tale of co-op-eration.

11 March 2013 | 2 Comments | Recommended by 9

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