Write to your MP

Write to your MP and make your voice heard on GM.

To email your MP:

  1. First you need to know their name. If you don’t, you can find the name of your local MP by going to www.writetothem.com and entering your postcode.
  2. On the following page, you can click on the name of your MP (in the third column) and email them by following the instructions on the Write to Them site.
  3. If you’d prefer to email them yourself, most MPs can be contacted by using the following format of email address: secondnamefirstinitial@parliament.uk. For instance, to email David Cameron you would use camerond@parliament.uk. You can check your MP's email address on the Parliament website.

If you prefer you can send a letter to:

‘Local MP’s name’ MP (i.e. David Cameron MP)
House of Commons

When you write please send a copy of your letter to the Policy Team at the Soil Association. Email responses@soilassociation.org or write to Policy Team, Soil Association, South Plaza, Marlborough Street, Bristol, BS1 3NX



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