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A Christmas Tail

Marianne Landzettel: Baby animals are cute. Kittens lead on YouTube searches, loo rolls sell better if a puppy stars in the commercial, and who could possibly resist lambs, calves, foals and fawns? But to me the cutest of the lot are piglets; they are playful, inquisitive, friendly, intelligent, and they’ve got the looks. I say this as someone who is partial to a pork chop – but under one condition: the hog whose bacon I fry must have had a good life. The same goes for dairy cows, chicken and sheep – any animal that contributes to the food I cook and eat. How do you know an animal has or had a good life? For me one of the many reasons to go organic is the high animal welfare standards that come with certified organic production.

01 December 2015 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 2

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