Soil Association Limited 68th Annual General Meeting 2014

The Annual General Meeting of members of the Soil Association took place on Wednesday 8 October at STEAM, Museum of the Great Western Railway, Fire Fly Avenue, Swindon SN2 2EY.

Listen to the AGM below:

Listen to the forestry session below:

Focus on forestry

For 22 years, the Soil Association's Woodmark programme has worked across the world to protect forests, wildlife and people, and ensure our precious woodlands are managed responsibly. One of the largest certification schemes in the world, Woodmark offers both FSC and PEFC forestry certification, which allow consumers to identify and purchase timber products from well-managed forests.

These choices in turn support more responsible forest management practices across the world - whether that be protecting wildlife and indigenous rights, and preventing illegal logging in tropical rainforests, or ensuring the survival of diverse flora and fauna in ancient UK woodland.

In this special session of the AGM Kevin Jones, our Head of Forestry, will talk about the scheme and highlight some of the inspirational social and environmental impacts certification has helped achieve in forests and for the communities which depend on them.

Agenda items

  1. The meeting will open with half a minute’s silence
  2. Appointment of the Chairperson for the meeting
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Minutes of the 67th AGM held on 9 October 2013
  5. Election of Trustees 2014
  6. Resolution: To adopt the annual accounts for the year ending 31 March 2014 and Treasurer’s report
  7. Resolution: To re-appoint Baker Tilly, for the year 2014/15
  8. Helen Browning, Soil Association CEO, gives an update on our campaigning year
  9. Sustainable forestry session with Kevin Jones
  10. AOB

Notes to agenda items

Agenda item 5
Particulars of candidates who stood for election are available on our Council pages. All candidates have been elected by default.

Agenda item 6
A summary statement of financial activities and the Treasurer’s report for the year to 31 March 2014 are detailed in Living Earth. Full copies of the report and consolidated financial statements for the Soil Association Limited will be available for inspection at the AGM or may be obtained on request from the General Secretary.

Agenda item 7
It is recommended that Baker Tilly be re-appointed as the Soil Association auditors for 2014/15.

Agenda items 6 and 7
If you are not attending the AGM in person you may vote on the resolutions in agenda items 6 and 7 by proxy. Please use the form enclosed with Living Earth for this.

Summary minutes of the 67th AGM

Held on Wednesday 9 October 2013 at Central Hall, London


Farm scene

Annual conference

The AGM forms part of our Annual Conference - our theme this year is 'Transforming the way we eat, farm and care for the natural world'