You probably know that the Soil Association has something to do with organic food and mud. But did you know that it is a registered charity? The following frequently asked questions help give a bit more background to our activity.

  • How is the Soil Association funded?
    The Soil Association is a registered charity, reliant on donations and the support of its members. Our subsidiary company, Soil Association Certification, certifies over 80% of organic food sold in the UK. As a not-for-profit business, any surplus income is gift-aided to the Soil Association charity to develop and safeguard the entire organic sector.
  • Where is the Soil Association based?
    Our head office is in the centre of Bristol, an exciting university city with a vibrant music and arts scene. Please click here for a map. Soil Association Scotland is based in Edinburgh, another wonderful, vibrant city.
  • What are the differences between our charity and certification work?
    The Soil Association is a registered charity which aims to inform the public about the many benefits of organic food and farming. Soil Association Certification Ltd (SACL) is the UK's leading organic certification body.
  • What hours will I be expected to work?
    Normal working hours are from Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.30pm. We try to be flexible if your job allows for it.
  • Will you help me grow?
    We want to nurture your talents and make sure you get the training you need so you are happy to stay with us. 
  • What is the dress code?
    Smart casual.
  • Where can I go for lunch?
    The Bristol office has a café where you can make your own lunch and is in walking distance to a range of shops and cafés.