Our culture

We want to create an organisation that we can be proud of. We are currently the UK's leading organic certifier and we are proud to have the highest organic standards.

We have a relaxed informal working environment which encourages people to be themselves and to work towards a common goal. We encourage our people to develop themselves and each other and to use their initiative and creativity at work.

We aim to recycle as much as possible including composting food and you can be sure the teas and coffees are organic. Our cause attracts caring people so we really look out for each other.

So if you want a job that encourages you to think freely, where you'll work with great people for a great cause and be part of something you're proud of, it may be time to start working on your CV and check out our vacancies.

Not only do we offer interesting roles but we also have a relaxed and fun environment. We regularly organise extra activities that everyone can get involved in which makes the Soil Association aka 'The Mud Club' a cool place to work.

Our values

To achieve the ambitions in our strategy we recognise that we need a solid foundation of excellent and motivated staff, a secure business model with sufficient reserves to allow for the unexpected and the strong support of our members, donors and other funders.

Our organisational values, based on the organic principles of health, ecology, fairness and care, are expressed here and shape the culture and spirit of the Soil Association.