Our Work 2015

It is such a privilege to help lead the Soil Association. The charity works across a broad range of the things I care about: from feeding people well and giving children the chance of a healthy future, to challenging vested interest and orthodox thinking, to helping farmers tread more lightly on our planet as they produce the food we need. We work widely because there are no magic bullets to the challenges we face. Everything is connected and the solutions are complex. We are unique as a charity because we help people understand the link between all living things, starting with the soil. Humanity’s wellbeing, now and in the future, depends on keeping nature healthy too. With intensive farming pushing soils, biodiversity and water to crisis point, communicating these connections and providing practical solutions, is more important than ever. We must change farming practice but we cannot do that without changing the way people eat. We do much to help markets drive change, yet that will never be enough on its own. We must continue to lobby the government for more systemic change that will make it easy for people to make better choices now, to benefit future generations.

There have been so many achievements these past 12 months. In this review you will learn of the impact we’ve had in schools and their communities, in farming and forests, in hospitals and workplaces. We have made a big difference to the lives of millions of children, farm animals and wild species. Alongside this, we’ve also invested in staff and IT to increase efficiency and help us accomplish even more.

None of this would be possible without our many partners and it would certainly not be possible without the support of our members, donors, trusts and foundations, sponsors and symbol holders. With our teams of talented and dedicated people, I am confident that your support of the Soil Association today will be transformed into creating a better future for people, farm animals and the natural world.

Thank you. Our progress is only possible with your generosity and commitment.

Helen Browning, OBE
Chief Executive


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To find out more about our work in 2015, please download our full annual review below.