What sample sizes do you require for the judging?

We will require 2 samples of each product entered. For most products, this will be 2 items, packs, jars, tins, bottles or cans. Below are some more specific sample sizes for fresh products:

  • Cheese - min 1kg piece
  • Milk - 2 pints/litres
  • Butter/Yoghurt/Cream/Ice Cream – 500g
  • Eggs – 6
  • Fruit, Salad and Vegetables - Enough for 4 generous servings per vegetable type.
  • Beef - 1.5kg rolled sirloin x1
  • Veal - 500g escalopes
  • Lamb/Mutton - Min 1.5kg leg on bone x2
  • Pork - 1.5kg rolled boned loin x1
  • Poultry - 2 whole birds
  • Fish and Seafood - 2 items or 500g

N.B. Other cuts of meat, for example steaks, chops, chicken breasts or legs, will be entered into the ‘Prepared Meat’ sub-category, F-17.

If your question is not answered here, please contact Laura Andrews, Events Manager, on 0117 987 4586 or landrews@soilassociation.org.

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