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Rude Health's GranolaBased in South West London, Rude Health aren’t your run-of-the-mill muesli-makers. Co-founder and fanatical foodie Camilla Barnard loves discovering appetisingly unusual ingredients to use, like the puffed amaranth in the Granola which Camilla came across in Mexico. The Granola is so called because it is the ultimate organic granola. There's so much going on in this granola, it's hard to know where to start. It's multigrain, so it's got oats like a normal granola, but they also add some spelt and barley for a more complex, grown-up flavour. The subtle sweetness comes from a blend of honey and date syrup. That sets off the cheerfully crunchy seeds, toasted nuts and puffed amaranth.

Our judges said: "This granola has a good list of ingredients a crunchy texture and a good colour."

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Try Rude Health's Banana Granola Muffins using their Granola.

Runners up in the cakes and morning goods category

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