Dragonfly Foods Summer Veggie Burgers

This recipe really is a perfect summer match, part of your five a day, fresh and filling, or yummy and slimming! It combines Dragonfly Foods' Organic Vegetable Beanys, a winner in the 2012 Organic Food Awards, with a spicy dipping sauce and tasty salads.

Organic Vegetable BeanysFor the veggie burger: take two Vegetable Beanys and oven heat to eat hot, or heat and let cool to eat cold.

For the Spicy tomato and red pepper dipping sauce: rub tomatoes, red peppers and garlic cloves with oil. Place all ingredients on an oven tray and roast until tender. Then liquidise the roasted vegetables and mix in the tamari, black pepper and salt to taste.

Serve with: a chicory, orange, and walnut salad and a sliced avocado and chopped spring onion salad

Dress with: blended olive oil, hazelnut oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt to taste

Optional extra (for heat freaks!): finely sliced hot red and/or green peppers soaked in tamari (eat with chop sticks!).

Find out more about Dragonfly Foods Organic Vegetable Beany.


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