Chilli jam, giggly pig sausages and multi-coloured cup cakes

Helen Carey: Chilli jam, giggly pig sausages, multi-coloured cup cakes, Wyfe of Bath cheese, butter making, Eastlea baked sourdough bread, sunflowers, dancers, a toddler sized chicken and ferrets! – were just some of the items that featured in Eastlea Secondary School’s first ever farmers’ market held on a sunny Saturday in March in Newham – East London.

07 June 2012 | 39 Comments | Recommended by 7

Latest on our school farmers' markets

Helen Carey: October has just whizzed by and it was a very busy month here in London. Early October saw me back at Bore Place Farm on the fourth residential visit with Millfields Primary School from Hackney. We caught the tail end of that lovely hot weather for the first couple of days which was a real treat. We did an apple tasting activity on the first afternoon - 8 heritage varieties - with wonderful names such as Sunset, Jester,and Michaelmas Red. On the final afternoon we walked to the orchard that the apples were from, and everyone was able to pick their favourite apple to take home.

23 November 2011 | 19 Comments | Recommended by 3

School farmers markets: three weeks to go

Helen Carey: Things are hotting up with the three markets now less than a month away. This afternoon I will be at Jubilee School to do the market preparation session with the Year 5 classes. We will be joined later by Baker Ben from E5 Bakehouse who is going to have a bread stall at their market and also come into school to bake bread with a group of pupils. He is going to check out the ovens today...

22 September 2011 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 2

Countdown is commencing

Helen Carey: This week (Wednesday to be precise) saw a five week count down to the first schools farmers market. I spent the day with with 40 year 5 children from Sebright Primary School in Hackney who have been assigned the job of 'market planners' for their first market – due to take place on 20th October. In fact work is already well under way with each year group set to have their own stall.

18 September 2011 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 5

Farm academy

Helen Carey: Hi there. Helen Carey here. I am working on a great project in London called Farm Academy, which is all about connecting pupils to where their food comes from via residential visits to organic farms and the setting up and running of schools farmers markets and is now working with five schools.

06 September 2011 | 9 Comments | Recommended by 8

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