Size matters

Lynda Brown - 08 October 2011

How I despair of food fashion, supermarket spin, and our own gullibility to swallow it all. This week's Waitrose mag (Waitrose Weekend) under the banner "Big is beautiful" is waxing lyrical about their new whopper 'Linda' avocado from Peru (no relation), weighing in at 1. 5kg, landing on the shelves this month. The trend, apparently, for outsize veg is growing: Waitrose are also launching whopper onions, 99p each from Valencia. "Only the big ones," they boast, "are specially selected for Waitrose," and helpfully explaining how they "should reduce the mess and tears involved in preparing family meals, as you'll only need one!" What a pity then, at the horticultural conference farm visit this week, I stood next to a vat of magnificant home grown outsize organic potatoes - equally convenient, brilliant when you want mash, rosti, or chipped potatoes - that no-one apparently will buy and supermarkets won't stock. They're fed back to the cattle. That's an awful lot of food waste... I give up.

Lynda is an award-winning food writer and broadcaster, and keen advocate for organic living. She is author of several food books over the last twenty years including Planet Organic: Organic Living, The Cook's Garden, and The Modern Cook's Handbook, as well as writing The Preserving Book that was published in 2010 in association with the Soil Association. Lynda is an expert on food and nutrition and a seasoned broadcaster, regularly speaking on food and farming both on the radio and television.

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