Olympic first for Soil Association Woodmark

Beck Woodrow - 18 April 2012

Velodrome constructionBuilding all the venues and landscaping for the London 2012 Olympic Park was going to take a lot of timber – in the final count, over 12,500 cubic metres – so the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) wanted to be sure that it all came from responsible sources. And they wanted to have an independent check to show that their claims had the backing of a trusted certification name, so they asked Soil Association Woodmark to do a Project Certification – the first in the world for such a huge, complex site – using both Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standards, to show that the timber had been tracked from forest to site. After several audits and much number crunching, the certificates were awarded on the rooftop of the Olympic Control Centre at the end of March.

Velodrome interiorIt was both challenging and exciting, and the ODA were great people to work with. Our two dedicated auditors, Penny Bienz and Mike Greenland, left no delivery note unturned in their mission to ensure that the final accounting of timber was complete. Images of the architect-designed venues such as the Velodrome and Aquatics Centre are by now familiar, but the ODA made sure that every bench, footbridge, tree stake and fence post came with the same credentials. You can see some photos on our Flickr site.

Project Certification can be used for any type of structure – even festival sites and boats! Recently, the entries for a woodcarving competition in Japan got a certificate. We’re hoping that the Olympic success will lead to much more work – watch this space!

So what’s this story doing among the lambs and vegetables, I hear you ask? Woodmark is the team in the Soil Association which works with forests all around the world to deliver FSC certification, showing that they are managed to the highest standards – not just replanting trees but ensuring that all the environmental and community aspects are respected. We also work with forest product traders and processors – they could be builders’ merchants, pencil makers, construction project managers, printers and many others, who can gain Chain of Custody certification to show that they can use the FSC or PEFC logo. Let’s not get into too much detail – if you want to know more, check out the Woodmark web pages.

Beck is Project Manager for Soil Association Woodmark.

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