Worm man

Tim Young - 01 February 2011

WORM MAN from jason taylor on Vimeo.

Upendra Kumar Mohanta comes from a small village Kandasara, in the north of Orissa India. This short film (just over 2mins) is about Uprendra's decision to turn his back on 10-15 years of chemical use, and instead use vermiculture (worms) to make compost, with great results.

This is a real inspiration, and shows exactly what organic farming is about in practice (check out those chemical tins!) – if I can get soil half as soft as his is on my allotment, I'll be pleased.

Jason Taylor is a film maker and photographer and a great supporter of organic farming methods. You can watch more of Jason's videos at his vimeo channel - check it out at www.vimeo.com/19386909

Tim is editor of the Soil Association's Living Earth magazine, and has written on food, health and consumer issues for the last ten years. When not at work Tim is normally being run ragged by his two young sons. In 2009 Tim started trying to grow vegetables, and last year he took on an allotment. Two years later he is still trying to grow vegetables, and is very hopeful that one day soon he will have some success.

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