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Ian Price - 09 February 2011

Ian Price: What where Soil Association thinking, by asking one of the most technological phobic people in the world to make comment? But with the help of Tim and others, I'm on

Excellent welcolme, venue and agenda with intersting opening session
Further excellent news and couldnt control myself after learning that Syngenta staff have a team allotment, unfortunately can't report too much from that source 

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John Walker
09 February 2011 20:32

Myles, I'm not sure this all that funny. Gardeners are likely to be prime targets for biotech companies wanting to douse themselves in greenwash. Perhaps team Syngenta are just working out how to build on the growing and warm embrace that many gardeners seem to have for biotech solutions such as GM?

Myles Bremner
09 February 2011 14:26

I also almost choked when hearing about the Syngenta allotment. I wonder if they enter the "Best Glowing Veg" award in the local village fete!

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