Essential reading

A Share in the Harvest: CSA Action Manual [pdf, 1.5mb] 
A Share in the Harvest appendices [pdf, 985 kb]

The Soil Association's comprehensive CSA action manual provides essential reading for anyone wanting to set up a CSA. It takes you through step by step all the things you need to consider and gives very practical advice.

The DIY Marketing Guide for CSAs [pdf, 1.3 mb]

This excellent and very readable guide is aimed at new and existing CSAs who want to develop a simple, do-able, affordable marketing plan. Written by Rob Greenland for the Soil Association, it has been written in a way to motivate your CSA group to work together to build your membership. So make lots of tea, get out your old rolls of wallpaper and big pens and have some fun figuring out who your members might be, what your key messages are and how to develop an effective plan!

Cultivating Co-operatives Toolkit : Organisational Structures for Local Food Enterprises  [pdf, 5.3 mb]

This toolkit, by the Soil Association, provides essential information for local food enterprises in developing their organisations, and allowing them to work more effectively and achieve their aims. We have developed it through research and through advising a number of new initiatives. The focus of this toolkit is on the law as it applies in England and Wales,

The Impact of Community Supported Agriculture

This research evaluates the impact of CSA. A very readable report which provides clear evidence that CSA is providing multiple benefits to thousands of members, their communities, the local economies and the environment. Published by the Soil Association in 2011.

The 'Simply' suite of legal and goverance resources [Web link]

Co-operative UK’s comprehensive suite of resources for community enterprises provides community enterprises with top quality financial, legal and governance support.

Simply Start Up  [Web link]

A guide for anyone involved in the creation of an enterprise that will be owned by, run by, and supported by the community in which it operates. Published by Co-operatives UK.

The Economic Impact of the Community Food Sector

This report presents the findings of research into the economic value of community food enterprises in England.

Additional information

Sharing the Harvest : An inspirational and extremely comprehensive book on CSA - known as the CSA bible. A must read!  [weblink]

Food Coops toolkit:A toolkit to help more communities set up their own food co-ops and buying groups published by Sustain [Web link]

Cultivating communities :A look at the CSA concept with 11 case study examples  [pdf, 1.5mb]