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Rose Prince

Rose Prince is a food writer, author and cook. She originally worked as a chef and the cook in the Notting Hill bookshop, Books for Cooks. She was the in-house cook at the Spectator magazine and had a column in the Daily Express. She contributes to BBC Radio 4's Food Programme and was a judge for its Food and Farming Awards in 2009. Prince was a member of the House of Lords Committee of Inquiry into the meat industry in 2000. Her first book was published in 2005: The New English Kitchen: Changing the way you Shop, Cook and Eat. Since then Prince has published four books, the most recent, Kitchenella was published by in September 2010.

Graham Harvey

After graduating in agriculture, Graham joined Farmers Weekly as a reporter and feature writer. In the late 1970s he left to work as a freelance journalist specialising in countryside, food and environmental issues. In the mid 1980s Harvey joined the script-writing team of the radio series ‘The Archers’. He is now responsible for developing the farming and rural storylines. Harvey’s first book, ‘The Killing of the Countryside’, was published to critical acclaim in 1997, and was winner of the BP Natural World Book Prize.  His new book – ‘The Carbon Fields’ – is published by Grassroots.

Ed Mayo

Ed Mayo is Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, the membership network for co-operative businesses. He has a track record of innovation and impact in his work to bring together economic life and social justice. From 2003 – 2009, he was Chief Executive of the National Consumer Council, merging this with two other bodies to form Consumer Focus, in 2008. He was described by the Independent as "the most authoritative voice in the country speaking up for consumers", while the Guardian has nominated him as one of the top 100 most influential figures in British social policy. He has co-written a book, “Consumer Kids” with Agnes Nairn on marketing to children, published by Constable in 2009.

Arthur Potts Dawson

Arthur Potts Dawson is leading the crusade in eco-friendly restaurants. He is the executive chef and co-owner of Acorn House in London's King Cross. Here he follows the ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle. This is applied to everything from green energy and biodegradable water bottles to food scraps fuelling the wormery. A former Head Chef at the River Cafe, he restyled Petersham Nurseries and worked as executive chef for Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant. He is now making a name for himself at his own restaurant. Arthur is a member of the English Slow Food Association, and a lifelong supporter of organic products and local suppliers.

Mark Price

Mark is the managing director of Waitrose, having joined the Partnership in 1982 as a graduate trainee and in 1995 became the first Managing Director at John Lewis, Cheadle. Mark left Cheadle in 1998 and transferred to Waitrose as Marketing Director. He was appointed Director of Selling & Marketing in 2000 additionally taking responsibility for retail operations. He took up the appointment of Managing Director, Waitrose in April 2007. In January 2011 Mark became Chairman of Business in the Community, a post he will hold for three years.

Anna Rosier

Anna Rosier runs Organix, an organic baby and children’s food company. After studying Economics and working in a non-organic industry, the last 5 years have seen her driving the importance of organic to millions of mums every year, encouraging them to give their children the best start in life.

Tom MacMillan

Tom manages the overall work programme of the Food Ethics Council running many of their programme of Business Forum meetings. Tom was a member of the expert advisory panel for the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit’s Food Matters report, and sits on the BBSRC Science and Society Strategy Panel. He is a director of the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, which aims to make healthy and sustainable food readily available across the city.

Deborah Doane

Deborah is Director of the World Development Movement, which campaigns for justice and equality for the world’s poor, their current campaign tackles the issue of food commodity speculation. Prior to joining WDM in 2009, she was Head of Sustainable Consumption at WWF-UK, delivering WWF’s “One Planet” strategies in the areas of finance, food, economy and education.  Until 2007, she was Director of the CORE Coalition, representing 130 NGOs, achieving changes to UK Company Law to improve corporate social and environmental impacts. Previously, Deborah was head of Corporate Accountability at the new economics foundation and led the Humanitarian Ombudsman Project for the British Red Cross. Deborah has recently joined the Board of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Graeme Matravers

Chair, Soil Association Farmer and Grower Board - Graeme Matravers and his wife Vivienne took over the tenancy of Manor Farm in 1994 and set about converting it to organic. Today it is home to a pedigree flock of Lleyn sheep, a beef herd of local rare breed cattle, chickens, turkeys, and organic farm shop and bakery. “We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy, and is more than just avoiding the use of artificial chemicals and fertilisers. It is an approach to farming which views the farm as a whole system in harmony with the natural surroundings and nature itself.” says Graeme. Graeme and Vivienne welcome visitors to the farm. The wetland, new woodland, ancient pasture and managed hedges are all examples of the conservation work taking place.

Professor Kevin Morgan

Kevin Morgan is Professor of Governance and Development at Cardiff University. His interests include: Innovation and Regional Development; Sustainable Agri-Food Chains and Regeneration and Self-Managed Communities. In 2009 Kevin was joined by Dr Roberta Sonnino to present their recent work on sustainable food systems at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development in New York. Kevin has worked on projects such as - Home Grown: The New Era of School Feeding for the World Food Programme, and ‘Going Local? Regional innovation strategies and the new agri-food paradigm’.

Andrew Simms

Andrew is Policy Director of the new economics foundation, an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates economic well-being. Andrew founded the climate change, energy and interdependence programmes at nef and is author of Ecological Debt: Global Warming and the Wealth of Nations, he was co-author of the Green New Deal report and co-founded the Green New Deal group. Andrew is on the boards of Greenpeace UK and The Energy and Resources Institute Europe. He was one of the organisers of the Jubilee 2000 Coalition developing country debt relief campaign, devising the idea of ‘Ecological Debt Day’.

Geoff Tansey

Geoff is a writer and consultant on food and agriculture related issues. He helped found the journal ‘Food Policy’ and has been a consultant to international agencies and NGO’s. Formerly honorary visiting professor of food policy at Leeds Metropolitan University, and honorary fellow at the Centre for Rural Economy, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. His books include ‘The future control of food – a guide to international negotiations and rules on intellectual property, biodiversity and food security’, co-edited with Tasmin Rajotte. In 2005, he received a Joseph Rowntree ‘Visionaries’ Award, and won the Derek Cooper Award for best food campaigner/educator in the 2008.

Colin Tudge

Colin Tudge was born in London in 1943; educated at Dulwich College, 1954-61; and read zoology at Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1962-65.  Ever since then he has earned a living by spasmodic broadcasting and a lot of writing—mainly books these days, but with occasional articles. He has a special interest in natural history in general, evolution and genetics, food and agriculture, and spends a great deal of time on philosophy (especially moral philosophy, the philosophy of science, and the relationship between science and religion).  He has two daughters, one son, and three granddaughters, and lives in Oxford with his wife, Ruth.


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