Project partners

Funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, part of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme, the partnership comprises 10 organisations include, educational institutions and training providers, gastronomy and tourism consultants and practitioners, nutritionists, and experts in public procurement from eight European countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia and the UK.

The partnership organisations involved are:

  • Institute equalita is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation for qualifications and networking in Europe. It carries out projects, training and consultation for ecological and social institutions and business.
  • The Organic Retailers Association (ORA) is the European umbrella organisation of organic retailers.
  • "Gutessen consulting“ (GEC) is an Austrian consultancy service-provider with a focus on sustainable nutrition and catering.
  • The German partner Ökomarkt e.V. has an excellent knowledge on how to make the food supply systems for schools and kindergartens as well as for universities more sustainable.
  • ECEAT, European Centre for Ecology and Tourism, is focused on sustainable development and tourism with special attention to rural areas in the Czech Republic.
  • The Bulgarian Centre for Vocational training organises vocational training courses in hotel administration and in the production of food and beverage.
  • The Danish National Science Centre for Food and Health (VIFFOS) aims to research, investigate, develop and disseminate information and knowledge about food, health and nutrition through consulting and education.
  • The Slovenian ZARIS institution for adult education has a high school (college) programme on catering and tourism with students employed in different kind of kitchens, from school canteens to good restaurants.
  • The Italian Centro Libero di Analisi e Ricerche (CLAR) offers vocational and educational training especially in tourism and agro-environmental fields.
  • The Soil Association is the UK's leading organic organisation covering issues like education, policy, technical support and certification of organic food. It also has a great deal of experience in the area of procurement of food and improving meals for the public sector.