Lady Eve Lecture

This year's Lady Eve Lecture was given by Andrew Simms, policy director of the new economics foundation on 6 October 2010.

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The credit crunch, fuel and food price rises, the looming reality of runaway climate change and critical resource depletion, how did we get into this mess? In the face of so many simultaneous crises we all have legitimate questions for the governments who allowed us to sleepwalk into this situation. These are no longer distant, abstract issues of financial and environmental policy. They are beginning to affect everyone.

Given the scale of what faces us, business as usual is clearly no longer an option. So how do we imagine, and build, a resilient future? Governments still seem hardwired to policies that bail out banks, pump out oil and bolster a belief that magic-bullet technological solutions can be found to our food and farming challenges. How can we re-think the terms of the discussion, and set ourselves on a Great Transition by developing new ways of being that offer everyone the chance to survive and thrive within our collective means - environmental and financial.

Andrew is also author of several books including Ecological Debt: Global Warming and the Wealth of Nations, Tescopoly, and Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?