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Field labs

Field labs are where farmers and growers test new approaches, share existing best practice and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Bee Brick wins Innovation Award

We are delighted to announce that the Bee Brick, an aesthetic home for bees that doubles as a revolutionary building material, has won the public vote of our Innovation Award...

Organic: the gold standard for go...

Four of our Trustees have resigned following the rejection of a motion challenging our strategy. Our strategy focusses as strongly as ever on organic food and farming, but al...

Soil Symposium – get the latest

Get the latest from our practical event for farmers and growers – organic and non-organic – as we share experience and learn about soil management.

Good news for organic farmers

Defra has proposed improved Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) payments to farmers for organic land and land in conversion to organic in England.
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Why we should care that it is World Soil Day

Louise Payton: So today is World Soil day. Why on earth do we need a day on soils? It’s no coincidence that our planet shares its name with the stuff. Soil, earth, or dirt, as it is known in the USA, is important.

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