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November 2014

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 Graph of livestock prices - Meadow Quality
Data source for the above graph - Meadow Quality's weekly Market Report.

Market Summary

The prime organic beef trade is gathering a little more momentum as processors look to put stock away for the Christmas period. This will for the most part be done and dusted by mid November. A continuation of improving prices would be most welcome for the New Year. This is not a certainty, but colder weather and a gradual improvement in demand may well help.The general quality of cattle in regard to grade and fat class has been good this Autumn, helped by the extended grass growth period and fewer weather challenges at the back end of the grazing season.

The Organic cull cow trade has gone completely off the boil - warmer than usual weather for the time of year has continued through the Autumn period, stifling consumer demand for comfort cuts of beef. The supply of OTM cows has been at its seasonal high as farmers get rid of cows that might impact on winter feed stocks and housing requirements.

The organic lamb trade is gradually looking more encouraging. Prices have moved forward quite smartly, mainly on the back of dwindling supplies due to weather and grass quality taking their toll on grass finished lambs. Trade looks to be steadying towards Christmas, leading to possible further improvement as we move into 2015. With reasonably high slaughter numbers so far this year, it's apparent that supplies to abattoirs could well be stretched by February, paving the way for stronger demand and better prices. Lambs have had a propensity to go over the top with regard to fat class where they are left too long on good grass, but conformation grades have generally been good, with very few under-finished lambs spoiling consignments.

Electronic Identification (EID) of all sheep will be compulsory from January 1st 2015, so sheep keepers will need EID for slaughter lambs in 2015. For further information or queries, speak to your lamb buyer regarding individual abattoir requirements going forward.

Tim Leigh, OLMC - 01763 25031

Store Cattle Report:

As the Autumn draws into Winter and the weather deteriorates we have seen substantial numbers of spring born organic stores coming onto the market. This increased availability has meant that there are some very good value groups of cattle for sale. Quality is generally very good; cattle have enjoyed a good Summer which reflects in the condition of the stock.

Conversely, the availability of 18-24 month old forward stores is virtually non-existent, making demand for these bigger cattle very strong. I think the low numbers of the bigger cattle is due to the good Summer, with a higher than normal number of cattle coming fit off grass. It also reflects a declining number of breeding cows, and organic producers leaving organic production. This must surely lead to lower numbers of finished cattle and higher prices in 2015.

Peter Jones, OLMC Store Cattle - 01829 730 580 / 07720 892 922