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April 2015

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 Graph of livestock prices - Meadow Quality
Data source for the above graph - Meadow Quality's weekly Market Report.

Market Summary

The organic prime beef trade has weakened over the last few weeks. Poor consumer demand and an over sufficient supply of cattle for current abattoir requirements compounds the disappointing situation. In many cases producers are having to wait to get cattle away, sometimes running them dangerously close to going over age. In times of slow movement it is imperative that producers keep abreast of finishing times and are not forced into sale due to sell by date. Ensuring that you have conveyed future sales and definitive dates accurately to your marketing agent is a responsible way of helping smooth the passage of cattle sales at times like this.

The organic cull cow trade has remained fairly static in the past few weeks - a steady demand and a supply to match being the main theme of the current state of play. As always, well finished large cows return the best premium. For producers with stocks of forage left over from the winter it is beneficial to feed this to cows to get the last bit of condition on them.

A continued firm demand for organic lambs - helped by promotion - has enabled the trade to stay strong over the Easter period. The supply of lambs is starting to show signs of dropping off, which could well lead to further strengthening in price.

Those who have lambed their flocks are reporting good numbers born. While the weather has been reasonably kind, night time temperatures have slowed grass growth in some parts of the country.

All sheep born this year will need to be electronically tagged. Please ensure that you have ordered your tags in good time as manufacturers are currently experiencing high order volumes.

Tim Leigh, OLMC - 01763 250313

Store Cattle Report - March 2015

The transition from winter to spring is progressing well, with grassland starting to green-up and in some areas starting to grow. Decisions made now on turning out cattle will affect growth rates and performance for the rest of the grazing period.

A few points to remember:

Bigger and older cattle can be turned out early, provided stocking rates are kept low and the ground conditions are not too wet. In some areas cattle are being turned out this week. It is far better for the grass to grow with the cattle than to turn out cattle onto lush grass that will mean they scour and underperform. Younger cattle however do need to be turned out when the conditions are warmer and drier, but again not onto too much grass. For cattle that are only 150 – 250 kgs it may be worth waiting until there are aftermaths available. This clean short grass can give the younger cattle a good start.

The demand for organic store cattle remains strong. The 400 kg plus cattle are difficult to source, with the younger spring 2014 born cattle being more readily available.

The 2015 NBA Beef Expo will be held at the York Livestock Market on the 21st May. The Organic Livestock Marketing Co-op will be mounting a demonstration on organic beef production and look forward to seeing organic producers on the stand.

As always we are always looking for organic store stock for finishers and graziers, and the more notice of availability the better. If you are looking for stores, please contact our office to discuss your requirements. You can also visit the Peter Jones Livestock Ltd website to see availability.

Peter Jones, OLMC Store Cattle - 01829 730 580 / 07720 892 922