Organic Livestock

Price data

September 2014



Beef - Finished
(under 30 months)

(R4L Base)

Cull Cow
(OTM in spec)


Beef - Stores

 £2.00 plus
(see text below)

Lambs - Finished

(R3L Base)


These results are averaged from information collected from key producers and traders. Prices serve as a guide only.

Market Summary (courtesy of OLMC)

The organic prime cattle trade has improved since mid Summer, with prices moving forward from the static position experienced for most of the year. Talk of processor contracts has helped fuel price movement - along with slight increases in consumer demand. Cattle supplies are fairly fluid as the stock has done well during the grazing season. Cattle should continue to put weight on, but as the colder nights draw nearer thought should be made to supplement feeding if necessary to ensure growth rates are maintained.

The Organic cull cow trade has also improved marginally - a continued demand for them as we go into the winter will help price stability

The Organic lamb trade is experiencing overload of organic lambs thus disappointing prices. Through August and the beginning of September large numbers of lambs have finished from the grass, with few challenges all summer they have grown well and kept growing. Consumer demand has been lacklustre, which along with a very weak conventional trade running alongside all adds to the poor form and a weak base to work from for processors.

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Store Cattle Report

The supply of organic store cattle has been very slow over the summer months, meaning that we've not been able to keep up with demand from finishers.
Numbers coming forward have increased over the last 2 to 3 weeks, but we are still under supplied and could sell far more if they were available.
Good quality R and U grade type cattle are in strongest demand, with native bred Hereford, Angus, and South Devon cattle also in demand.
Prices are very firm with good quality cattle in decent numbers making £2.00 per kg plus.

The good summer and Autumn and plentiful forage and feed should maintain demand, particularly as finished cattle prices begin to edge upwards.

If you have organic stores to sell please contact us. We have finishers and graziers wanting to buy.

Peter Jones (OLMC Store Cattle) 01829 730 580 / 07720 892 922