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January 2016

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Market Summary

A new year of challenges for the farming community, especially those who continue to experience flooding in the west and north of the UK. Levels of price and demand for finished stock provide another challenge, especially in January when retail sales of all meats are traditionally slow. Colder weather, when it arrives, often helps to boost sales of beef and lamb as the population gets back to eating habits more akin to the season.

The lead up to Christmas was fairly uneventful, with little bounce in demand or trade. All stock has finished well, which has allowed a steady flow to come forward to meet the abattoirs' needs.

The cull cow trade is quiet with average volume of demand currently required. The organic prime beef trade continues to be slow with cattle numbers very similar to the run up to Christmas. A positive turn in the trade could be triggered if the weather changes dramatically and numbers tighten up. Quality and weight has been very good through the autumn period, with many producers seeing higher average weights and better conformed and finished cattle than in past years.

The trade for organic lambs has improved since the beginning of the autumn. Lambs have had few challenges and have moved to finish quickly. The demand has also improved. So far, many producers have finished lambs off the grass, but dietary needs will need to be addressed as soon as we see the weather turns colder in order for the lambs to continue finishing well.

For further information on the marketing of finished stock, please call:
Tim Leigh, OLMC - 01763 250313 / 07850 366404

Store Cattle Report - January 2016

Organic store cattle prices have held up well during autumn/winter, with good quality 400 kg plus cattle making £1.85 - £2.20 pence per kg (depending on confirmation and condition). Spring born suckled calves have been making from £500 to £850, again depending on breed and type. Dairy bred organic stores have lagged behind by about 10 to 15 pence per kg, but still enjoy good demand.

For further information on the marketing of organic store cattle, please contact:
Peter Jones, OLMC Store Cattle - 01829 730580 / 07720 892922