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November 2015

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Graph of livestock prices - Meadow Quality
Data source for graph - weekly Market Report from Meadow Quality

Market Summary

Supplies of prime organic cattle have continued to come forward, providing the processors with no real undersupply issues and subsequent weeks of slow demand. The hope is that as we draw nearer to the festive season, demand will improve, bringing a greater spring to the trade. The cow price has weakened slightly due to increased numbers coming onto the market, but overall the demand for cows remains healthy. Forage supplies going into the winter months seem on the whole to be healthy, but once again we would urge producers to have forage analysed where possible. Once analysed, if needs be the diet can be balanced to ensure positive growth rates. Speak to you feed provider or nutritionist for more information.

It’s remained a productive autumn grazing period for both cattle and sheep, with the summer giving us prolonged conditions for grass growth which is only now looking like changing to the seasonal norm. Plenty of autumn grass has extended the finishing season for lambs but has contributed to an oversupply for the time of year. The trade has been under pressure due to the market saturation and poor current demand from retailers for lamb.

For further information on the marketing of finished stock, please call:
Tim Leigh, OLMC - 01763 250313 / 07850 366404

Store Cattle Report - October 2015

As reported in the July update, we continue to see an increase in demand for all weights of store cattle. Sales in August were particularly good, with many buyers looking for increasing numbers. We currently have a demand right across the board for all classes of organic stores.

For further information on the marketing of organic store cattle, please contact:
Peter Jones, OLMC Store Cattle - 01829 730580 / 07720 892922