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First UK Chinese certification awarded via the Soil Association Certification partnership with OFDC

24 November 2015

The first licence for UK organic exports to China has been awarded via the partnership between Soil Association Certification and China’s certification body, OFDC (Organic Food Development and Certification Centre of China). Soil Association Certifi...

Glastir Advanced 2017

24 November 2015

A new expression of interest window has opened and will close at midnight on December 4th 2015 for Glastir Advanced 2017.

Soil Association launches new online market place for organic businesses

18 November 2015

As the Christmas shopping rush hots up, the Soil Association is supporting all organic businesses by guiding customers to a more sustainable Christmas with the Soil Association’s new online Organic Christmas Market. Seasonal recipes and tips on how ...

Intensive farming link with bovine TB

11 November 2015

A new study by the University of Exeter, funded by BBSRC and published in the Royal Society journal Biological Letters, was published today highlighting the link between intensive farming and bovine TB.

Have your say - the future of Scottish agriculture

09 November 2015

The Scottish Government is calling for feedback from stakeholders and the public, with a view to helping inform future policy directions for the future of Scottish Agriculture . We want to hear what you think to help inform our response.

Launch of new organic certification service base in Scotland

02 November 2015

Soil Association Certification has announced the addition of a new Certification Officer, Abigail Catt, who will be based in the Soil Association Scotland office in Edinburgh. This new appointment in Scotland will increase specialist support and boo...

Winter housing for cattle

02 November 2015

Beef prices are under pressure so all beef farmers need to look at where they can make savings to compensate. Have you considered extending your grazing period or even not housing at all?

Soil Association Certification targets captive market for organic at Nordic Organic Food Fair

28 October 2015

Organic market growth in Sweden in 2015 has so far been reported at around 50% [1], presenting a huge opportunity for organic businesses. Soil Association Certification is hosting a pavilion for licensees at the biggest annual organic trade show in ...

Use of cleaning chemicals in your dairy, bulk milk tanks and processing areas

21 October 2015

Please read if you use quaternary ammonium compounds such as BAC (benzalkonium chloride) or DDAC (didecyldimethylammonium chloride) for cleaning of milking equipment, vats, bulk tanks or any other equipment or surfaces that come into contact with yo...

Progressive farming partnership launches new network of Innovative Farmers

12 October 2015

At the Houses of Parliament this morning (12 October 2015) an unprecedented partnership of farming groups launched a new network to support innovation by farmers. ‘Innovative Farmers’ gives farmers research support and funding on their own terms. In...
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Poisoned apples are not just for fairy tales – Greenpeace report finds pesticides all around us

Marianne Landzettel: It’s been 53 years since the publication of Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ in which she described the detrimental effect of indiscriminate pesticide use on the environment. Carson was concerned about the use of DDT to fight malaria and other insect born diseases and because of the dangers to the environment and human health. Its use today is heavily regulated and restricted. It’s been 50 years since pesticides became a main staple in ‘conventional’ agriculture. According to a recent report by Greenpeace* 'millions of tons and hundreds of types of synthetic chemical pesticides’ are applied every year in what the report calls agriculture’s ‘pesticide addiction’.

11 November 2015 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 3

Putting farmers at the heart of farm research

Thomas MacMillan: You don’t get many giggles on Farming Today – 5:45AM is a bit early for frivolity. But the other day I laughed. We were launching Innovative Farmers, which recognises farmers’ ingenuity and gives them research help and funding to tackle the big challenges in agriculture – the presenter asked if that stopped at creative uses for baler twine. I laughed as I’ve certainly seen it, but that’s actually just where it starts.

20 October 2015 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 0

Organic agriculture more profitable than conventional farming says US study

Marianne Landzettel: Demand for organic produce is growing and organic farming has a lot of benefits, from better soil quality to not having to work with highly toxic pesticides or herbicides. But a lot of farmers who are thinking about switching to organic are worried about the financial implications: on average yields in organic agriculture are lower than under a conventional regime – can organic agriculture compete financially? A comparative study done by scientists at Washington State University shows: yes it can! And not just that: they are up to a third (22 – 35%) more profitable than conventional farms.

15 October 2015 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 0