Financing Farmland Acquisition: Sharing and Evaluating Financial Tools

01 July 2013 09:30 - 01 July 2013 17:00

Triodos Bank, Deanery Rd  Bristol, Avon. BS1 5AS

The Biodynamic Land Trust and the Soil Association Land Trust are working on an EU wide project on access to land for sustainable farming. The project is led by French land trust Terre de Liens whose phenomenal story saw them raise over €22million to fund the purchase over 100 organic and biodynamic farms. 
This event on Financing Farmland Acquisition will allow us to learn from our European partners as well as hear about current developments in community ownership of land in the UK.  During the day we will present, analyse, compare and contrast different ways of financing farmland acquisition. 
The day will be particularly relevant for non-profit landowners, community groups and new farmers seeking to buy land and people and organisations interested in funding access to land. 
Come for coffee at 9.30 am and mingle, put up your posters and leaflets relevant to the day’s theme. 
10.00  Welcome and Introduction – Martin Large, Biodynamic Land Trust 
What are our questions about financing farm land acquisition? 
10.20  The role of an ethical bank in farmland ownership – Ian Price, Triodos 
10.45  Tools: The Why, What and How of Community Shares - Martin Large 
Sebastian Parsons, Stockwood CBS and Rush Farm 
Rolf Novy Huy, Stiftung Trias, ‘Never say you have any money!’ (by video) 
Christian Hiss, Regional AG, Freiburg 
12.30  Groups and Plenary: What is the learning from these share models in UK and across EU? 
1.00  Lunch – with opportunity to see wall displays, posters etc from other EU land trusts 
2.00  Representative from Terre de Liens  
How Terre de Liens raises finance for farm purchases: techniques and cases. 
2.30  Open Space:  short stories of other tools and  methods from UK and  EU land trusts  
3.30  Tea break 
3.45  Securing Future Farms: Raising finance for farms, current and future projects from 
participants – Martin Large  
4.45  Evaluation and close at 5.00pm   
The event is supported by Triodos Bank and Funding Enlightened Agriculture. 
For more information please contact Martin Large: 
Contact Rachel Harries to book your place:

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